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I’m happy and proud to announce that GPS Calculator PRO (that so many people on this forum helped me test and translate) is finally released to Windows Phone marketplace (with an equivalent update to GPS Calculator currently pending). GPS Calculator PRO is a major update to GPS Calculator taking this most advance GPS calculations to a completely new level into a powerful and free GPS data toolkit. New version includes 8 new features and improvements, including:

1.       Trip computer and track recoding.

2.       Import/export via SkyDrive.

3.       GPS Elevation profile.

4.       Moonset/moonrise.


5.       Kalman filter for elevation correction.


More than that, there is already another version currently in beta testing and this new version will introduce another dozen of features, including: export to KML and even HTML (similar to this:, navigation using compass, new design and a lot more! So please stay tuned. I thank you for you support and hope for comments here and on the marketplace. Trial is free and unlimited.

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