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Hello everyone,

I hope this is the right place to pose this question, but it is actually more like an appeal to the developer community. 

I am a medical professional and have been using WP for sometime, but have been very frustrated with the lack of of good medical Apps. Previously, I had Windows Mobile, which was doing the job well, but then switched to Android that had plenty of resources as well. I almost got an iPhone right before I stumbled on WP.

I understand the WP shares are minimal when compared to Apple/Android, but the community is definitely growing. I don't understand why there aren't many medical Apps or why there isn't much interest. I have searched and been searching Marketplace regularly hoping for a 'miracle', but to no avail. 

There are few Apps, MPR (Montly Presribing Refrence) is one to name, but it is very limited in what it offers (Only Drugs). There are few other ones, but they too are very limited. 

Attempts have been made to contact Epocrates, Skyscape and few others, but the response has been very mute. 

I am writing this in hope to bring this 'crisis' to someone's attention. Please help us help you. 


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thanks ! i see you!
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I agree with you regarding the very limited medical resources on this platform, definitely the available one are not comparable by any mean with what are available on the iOS. In fact, it is not comparable even with what were available on windows Mobile.
I contacted skyscape earlier and they reply that they are not supporting windows phone OS at that time.
 So far only one respectable medical (in my opinion) is available on windows phone, that is the products of Unbound medicine. At present  I'm using Merck Manual, one of their products.

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