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Hello.I have recently bought a LG E900 OPTIMUS 7 windows phone,and i have a problem.After i bought him,i used for a few days ,and nothing was wrong with the phone.After that ,i performed the update to 7.5 Mango(7.10.8107.79).I found this problem after update:

During a call,if i push IGNORE button,or if i push a VOLUME KEY,to turn the phone in silent mode,after that ,in the speaker of the phone i hear a noise,a rustle,like the speaker is still active.This noise,if it's not canceled,causes fast consumption of the battery.THE NOISE CAN BE HEARED ONLY WHEN I PUT THE PHONE ON THE EAR!The noise can be canceled if i initiate or i receive a new call or text message.If this it's a Mango issue,there is an update or something to solve this problem? There is anyone else whith the same problem? Thank you
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