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Week Calendar, the app featuring a weekly view of events on both the main screen and the tile, reaches version 2.0 with significative new features.

Week Calendar is the first app of its kind, still the only one with an unique native Calendar-like style. With the new version you can select the accounts to use and choose a color for each - including the system color. You can also choose not to display private appointments, and now the main week view is aligned with current day time, so to have a quick overview of the upcoming events.

The latest version 2.0 includes an events search function: you can choose which account to use and the time period (current month, next three months, previous three months) for your searches.

This app is one of the few able to correctly display the details field of an appointment, even the very large ones, and – if the event is a meeting - the organizer and all participants with photos, if available in the contacts.

Week Calendar is available in the Marketplace at a cost of € 0.99 and in trial.






You can find it in the marketplace here:


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