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Something new!Hopefully it can be a funny and useful tool in your Windows Phone life.

PonyPhoto is a marvelous and useful photo editor for Windows Phone 7. It is different from the original photo tools, variety of adjustments and effects you could select for your photos. Manual or automatic adjustment for your photos such as filter effects, rotate, flip, colors, frames, collage, etc. With PonyPhoto, you could also convert several static photos to a dynamic photos and output as *.gif image format. Otherwise, PonyPhoto helps to share your edited photos to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr easily.

Key features of PonyPhoto:
*Composite photos to a .gif image. PonyPhoto could add several photos into a dynamic image with .gif format.
*Multiple image effects. PonyPhoto comes with various effects such as Invert, Grayscale, Sepia, Pixel late, Blur, Sharpen, Jitter, Water Wave, Gamma Correction, Additive Noise, Vignette, Polaroid, Tilt Shift, Oil Painting, Rotate Channel, etc.
*Collage. Various Collages templates are available for compositing different photos to generate a new one; you could also edit the saved collage image with other features.
*Frames in various styles. There are simple frames, glaring frames, and color frames, select a preferred one to make your photo more personal and special.
*Image color adjustments. You could adjust with brightness and contrasts on a selected photo.
*Changing image’s shape and size .You can rotate or cut a photo to generate a new one.
*Images save and share. You can save the edited images to the default directory, or send them to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr easily.


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the nice ,the ponyphoto office website said it is free in whole May ,the other word ,I download it and not pay money in may,ye?
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