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Registered: 04/16/12
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Previous Android user.  Complaints since moving over.

Windows Phone Complaints
1) Live tile counter doesn't work most of the time for HeyTell, Facebook, GChat
2) Skype doesn't work in background mode.  Android does.  Makes app useless.
3) Messaging doesn't retain unsent text when switching to other app, home screen.  Android does.
4) Can't view facebook like I can on my computer.  Android does.
5) Reversing white background/black text for "night mode" like Nokia Maps does would be very nice in dark lighting, movie theather, etc.
6) Requires Zune to copy files off, unless emailed.  Android solution is better, acts like a hard drive on USB
7) Auto-copy feature of pics to SkyDrive copies a small version of the picture, not the original size
8) Games that are for free on Android/iTunes cost money!  Like Angry Birds.
9) Live Toggle Tiles like Connection Tiles don't update their wording when toggling
10) Market may have 10s of thousands of apps but a high number of them are just "hot girl" apps, missing many apps still!
11) Swype option is not available.  Slydr option is a joke!  
12) Volume hard buttons and Camera button don't always work when screen is off
13) Built-In "Listen for Music" option does not save what I find for music.  Might as well just keep using Shazam/Soundhound
14) Scan barcode options should work like Google Goggles too.
15) Nokia Maps doesn't work in offline mode.  Map doesn't load.
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Try Nokia Drive

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Registered: 12/26/11
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go back to android if it's so much better. Every OS has flaws, take the one that suits you best. For most of your complains are easy solutions to solve it or work around.

Enjoy the Amazing everyday ;-)


Registered: 05/09/12
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6 - Try using SkyDrive 25GB free now... I know my phone is only 16gb, so it's easy to store it all up there when you're on WiFi it's great.  (3g... not so much!)
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You can get USB Storage Enabler for Windows Phone 7. It shows up as a drive on your Windows.

Registered: 12/19/11
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I came from android myself and missed many thing at first, not as much now though. but for some of your concerns, I think there are fixes. 
1. these would be up to the dev to fix MS cannot do much about 3rd party devs making bad apps.

2.Haven't used skype so can't say.

3. messages will be retained but you have to use the App switcher to get back to the message. If you start an app from home screen/app list it relaunches the app again

4. You should be able to view the Desktop version of Facebook. You just need to have IE set to Desktop instead of Mobile. In IE pull up the 3 dots in the bottom left and go to setting under Website preferences.

5. This can manually be done by changing the theme from light to dark, or dark to light.
6.This is true. You can also use skydrive or another cloud option.

7. It does indeed upload as a 720x540. You can get around this if you don't use the auto share and just upload it with the skydrive app. Or for a more round about why you can sync with Zune then upload. These don't really solve your auto -upload issue but ts a work around.

8. this is true but again its a dev thing. Angry bird also cost on IOS as well.

9. I think I know what your referring to Connection tiles usually will only stay updated if you back out of them. If you hit the windows key then they will get out of sync. Most of the better ones now have a background agent that runs every so often to fix this. 

10.there are a lot of "useless" apps but all markets have those. What apps are you missing specifically that you want to use?

11.Only tried swype for a short time as it wasn't my thing. 

12.Never had this issue what device are you using?

13/14. haven't really used all that much

15.Nokia drive has offline support but i do not believe the maps do. Could be wrong as don't have a nokia. 

No doubt WP7 still has alot of thing it needs to grow into, but until WP8 is out you probably won't see much else get updated.

Anything you enjoy about your WP
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The app i missed a lot is google maps.

Registered: 05/31/12
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It's too complicate to answer an incoming call, why you has to swipe up to choose to answer? while other phones have the green dot for answer and red dot to reject.  Hard button to answer or reject must be more ease. 
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is anyone facing the problem with the message hub and facebook? i'm not receiving the facebook messages to my hub for some reason and i've read many forums it looks like a lot of people are facing the same. if anyone found a fix or a solution kindly update. 


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Registered: 12/26/11
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I do get the messages in my the chat hub but last week I had to log in a few times. Somehow my password vanished.

Try a restart or check preferences on your pc


Registered: 09/04/12
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Problem to use windows phone
1)cannot connect to pc like hard drive or massstorage in android we can connect
2)filemanager not given I hope in future updates
3)cannot connect internet to pc (modem connection)
4)music player without equalizer please give in next updates
5)Bluetooth should connect to all phones but it connect windows to windows only
Iam facing this problems,please solve it in next updates,my earlier device was android with all this features

Registered: 09/04/12
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Anyone know to use all features or to solve this problem,please help me

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Registered: 12/26/11
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WP8 will have most of your requested features. Soon after wp8 release, 7.8 will be available for current handsets. This will give us almost all you asked.

Registered: 09/04/12
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I have Nokia lumia 610 ,I think W8 is not for my device,Nokia will launch new lumia 610(Nokia glory named)which has 4inch display ,it will run W7.8 ,should Nokia give 7.8 update to existing lumia 610 . Window have to solve many features to compet with android. Android have all features which everyone wants . Apple iphone is not good but it is best because it haves great apps

Registered: 09/04/12
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I replaced my android phone and buy windows . Is windows phone is good or wastage of money ?
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