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AloneInTheMaze is a free maze game in a retro-gaming-style. Your mission is to gather treasure chest and to find the exit until end of time.

Style of this game is near that NES game. That is why a “Nes Controller” is used to control the hero. Wall Color change every second, and incredible music make the game psychedelic.

AloneInTheMaze contains main 4 different World : Ligth, Dark, Accellerator, and MultiColored.
  • In the Light World, you must found the exit and gather fruits, chocolate, and treasure chest.
  • In the Dark World, you cannot see far from the hero, until you found a lantern. This world introduce “False” Wall, that look like “wall”, but can be crossed.
  • Accellerator World contains lots of accellerator, and switch to reverse their direction.
  • In the MultiColored World, maze contains colored block thant can be flat or solid. One color is flat at a time, and some switch allow you to change flat color.
In addition AloneInTheMaze contains many other maze divided in some other World, as Nightmare World that contains more hard maze.

To read more about AloneInTheMaze, go to

AloneInTheMaze is a free game, and you can download it now from the WM7 marketplace.

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