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Windows phone 8 is right around the corner. I have created a list, more than 20 things that i would like to see in wp8!

Please spread the word if you believe these ideas are just what we need!

Bear with my drawings, quick iterations of what it may look like... as old as i am... my ability to draw will always remain terrible!

Changes to main screen:

 New functions

1) Addition of static quick launch bar

-quickly access most used “apps”

-go to main part of app (ex: phone would open up dialer pad, not history)


2) Remove right arrow, add left and right animation

-use full screen “real-estate”

-scrolling, or finger pressure reveals left and right arrows

-shrinks boxes slightly when finger pressure adding room to show arrows. Shrinking tiles also allows for quicker access to desired tile



-when scrolling, boxes near top or bottom fade in and out of screen?? 

-finger pressure shrinks boxes slightly/adds arrows



User customizations

-addition of custom folders

-user choice to tile sizes

-wider choice to colors

-choose “quick launch bar” apps




Changes to App List

New - Addition of static quick launch bar

- quickly access these quick launch apps anywhere

- Accessible in apps by pressing the volume button?



NEW – History menu

-Quick overview of present/past

-Shows missed calls, upcoming events, emails, texts etc

-quickly access day information (10 days ago, 5 days… 30 days ago etc.)


New Hardware features requested


Notification light

-blinks if new message

-blinks for important notifications

Higher screen resolution

Better graphics/processor

Bigger battery

Removable SIM card (media only)

-increase storage

Camera improvements J


Changes to Apps


-User chooses to either make it open to dialer pad, or history

-Better navigation to contacts

-Allow for typing in name and phone number comes up (like texting)


-user chooses to launch to what screen

-when inside thread, swipe left or right to go to next thread (instead of going back and then into next thread)


-make playlists on phone

-allow holding finger on “new” media to add it to now playing!!


-choose shuffle based on genre


-show this in the apps list, had to research to resolve getting it back


-Allow to view messaging threads through xbox live

-Allow to listen to voice message


-Add greater site flexibility and accessibility

-Increase speeds (expected in IE10)


-Add transit in for directions, have to resort to google for this…

-offline navigation (nokia maps has this – would be useful to have)


-just deep integration would be awesome

 ++anything to improve battery life!

Metro does not have to be boring to be metro!! 

Like these ideas? again, spread the word!!

Questions? suggestions? 

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