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BAM, popular WP7 finance app localized in 5 languages, was updated in v6 to implement graphics and also nice other features.

BAM provides an easy and quick way to enter in few seconds your personal or professional expenses and incomes, manage your budgets, forecast your accounts balances in upcoming weeks, or be reminded of your upcoming transactions.

New features of V6.00:

- Graphics support
- Credit card acount type
- can also export now in .HTML
- New report display mode for BAM lists to display more items per group.
- etc...

Main features:

- Manage any number of bank accounts
- Provides Full Backup and restore to/from PC or SkyDrive
- Import OFX file and export to .CSV or .HTML files to PC or SkyDrive
- Payment types and currency configurable per account
- currency configurable for each new transaction
- Enter in few seconds and very easily your new payments and incomes with 
  default Payee/Payer,comment, currency and payments types selection
- tile can be pined to access immediately to the new transaction page
- Support periodic transactions with periodicity type and frequency
- Support any currency in accounts and pending transactions with automatic
  rates retrieval
- Configurable Payee/Payers and currencies used
- Configurable categories
- Configurable budgets with a view of the allocated and reached amounts
- Powerful Filters view to display your custom list of transactions
- Possibility to pin any BAM list as a tile for quick access !
- Forecast very easily the balances of all your accounts in next few days,
  weeks, or months
- 2 custom display themes
- password locking
- Photo Attachment and location detection for each new transaction
- Mango Tiles everywhere
- reminders manegement with alert and tiles
- Etc...

BAM Demo video :

BAM blog for all details:

BAM is Price: $2.99
Go and get it :

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