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Hello again fellow windows phone 7 users! Once again I’m looking for people willing to participate in the private beta-testing program of my newest app. The app to be released is called “GPS Calculator PRO” and it will be an even more advanced version of the most advanced GPS calculations app “GPS Calculator”. Currently this app can be used to accurately calculate distances, get altitude information from digital elevation models, calculate areas, project locations and convert coordinates between several different formats, including UTM. New version adds an advanced trip computer, track recording and SkyDrive integration and track and waypoints (favorites) import/export using GPX format. GPS Calculator PRO is an old style app that cannot be described using words like social or fun, but can definitely be described as useful, interesting and doing advanced math. Now, if you use SkyDrive, if you hike, bike or run, if you like GPS technology or want to learn more about it – I need your help.

As per usual process please send me your live-id if you want to try this beta app.

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