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 I have been having issues w/ my new 900. The sound quality on some calls has been VERY low but on others it would be just fine. I took my preordered phone into the AT&T store. We swapped it for a new one, got a new SIM, even put the SIM in the display model. Same issue.

 Turns out, the problem only happens if I hold the phone in my left hand to my left ear and the bottom pointed at roughly  5 o'clock.

 I originally thought it was a sporadic problem but switching my hold on the phone makes it go away.

 Anyone else see this???

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Actually, I am also seeing the same issue. In addition, people on the other line are hearing echo and voice seems distorted. 

I am thinking of exchanging mine. 
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Same here. People have been saying they hear an echo when they speak to me on the Lumia 900. Plus almost all of them complain that my voice is distorted and sometimes cuts off. Never had that issues with my old phone. The problem strangely disappears if I use a corded hands free set.

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do you have the speaker really loud? If so, the sound bounces back from your cheek into the mic.

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just master reset the lumia 900. it should go away is first try, else master reset again.

also have the latest update to lumia befor doing master reset
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We have two Lumia 900s and both are having this problem. Mine has been upgraded for the data fix and my wife's has not been updated. AT&T doesn't have a clue about this issue yet.
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