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In 2043. after 7 years of fighting, The First Corporate War was finished. The war was fought between Free Alliance and Triumviri Corporation. Triumviri was the largest corporation in the world known for its huge research centers called Sectors. With Triumviri's fall, a winning side split the Sectors between themselves. You are in the role of a mercenary tech-engineer Lars Grimmer, who was hired by such a corporation to examine the new situation in Sector 9. Enter the complex and find your way out solving over 250 levels.


- High detailed graphics and visuals
- Solve all 280 levels grouped in 8 different subsystems
- Hours and hours of playing
- Two modes: Puzzle story-driven and Casual
- Leadboards - compete with the others in Training mode

The game is available on the Marketplace for $0.99.

Link to Marketplace.
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