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Don’t you feel a bit overwhelmed to remember a myriad of passwords, PINs, logins, bank accounts and all that private data? Hope you are not using your birth date as password everywhere! Password Jinni is here to help organize your private data and remember just ONE password.

Key features:
• Military-strong 256 bit-AES encryption.
• Robust passwords with an integrated password generator
• Unique backup system with local automatic backup and SkyDrive backup to ensure your data will be safely preserved
• Fully customizable entries for username, password, pin, email, website, phone, address, date or your own text custom fields
• Predefined templates to speed up creating new records. Save custom templates for your particular needs
• Quickly access any record marked as favourite
• Powerful search – Search inside a category, search by first letter or search by all record fields
• Quick copy your credentials directly in Internet Explorer or other apps
• Launch phone calls, emails, websites, or address maps straight from the app
• Familiar classic Metro interface. Enjoy dark and light themes.
• Full landscape support

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