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dong ho chinh hang, dong ho, dong ho cao cap
dong ho chinh hang, the longest warranty compared to other products in the industry clocks, Hermle has a guide in action that is to create quality products in accordance with cost, flexibility supply chain and best service to customers. Should be trained regularly every technical personnel and administrative ensure that these principles are maintained and guaranteed.
 Some typical sample clock genuine dong ho as:
+ Form gold ring in the glass timber

This is the genuine watches pretty much matches the interior space by the sophistication and elegance of its bell-glass and sparkling yellow, deeply impressed from the splendid, the pendulum is engineering design with melodic tones and settling softly in space
Wood sample black + yellow bell

dong ho chinh hang frames combine glass and polished wood definitely make a noble nature and is designed pendulum consists of a main pendulum stretch, flanked by five yellow bell shook both long and elegant rhythm , is decorated to create the luxury of the mansion and create styles for the owner.

+ A number of different sample clock design is striking: 20tuc/9252011_64559_pm.jpg

This attractive clock viewers first sight by its shining, sparkling shiny surface and the numbers Smartly designed to bring beauty and elegance best book on the hut.phia describe the motion of the moon. Sun and Earth
On different styles, this
dong ho chinh hang are designed to highlight the bright surface of the lake, surrounded by a frame round the clock, sharp edged piece of subtle background of a world map , it shows the creation and linking key ideas of space enthusiasts with the customer name on the regional level-that is also fashionable.

Hermle clocks and accessories genuine dong ho were present throughout the world, with more than 80 countries around the globe it is recognized as the industry leading accuracy and automated meter before and to this day .
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