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entertainment app - Nokia 1100

Nokia 1100 is a phone dialer application where you can use exact replica of Nokia 1100 inside your Windows Phone and make a phone call use speed dial function and set/listen ring tone from old Nokia B/W mobiles.

~~~~~  Features ~~~~~
- Speed Dial - hold on anynumber to dial your fav. contacts
- Down arrow to show contact
- Uparrow to save the number to contact
- BING Text 2 speech function
- vibration mode

~~~~~ How to use ~~~~~
- To set the 'classical Nokia tone' go to setting page
- To listen to ringtone touch at the speaker above the Nokia logo
- To listen to Nokia welcome tone touch the Welcome text
- touch the 'power' button of the Nokia 1100 or Nokia logo at the top to find detailed information about, specs of Nokia 1100, & developer
- To change the speed dial numbers go to speed dial page and select number you want to change
- to clear the typed number Hold or double tap "C"

***** 5000+ downloads *****
***** 4.5star review in marketplace *****

~~~~~ Updates ~~~~~~
- Speed Dail feature added ( Uses Nokia S60 v3 background wallpaper )
- As Suggested by Jaffar Aly double tap or hold "C" to clear numbers

- phone number required to call was 10 digit, fixed to 6 digit only !

- Down arrow to show contact
- Uparrow to save the number to contact
- Loads faster as device info remove from start page 
- Setting page loads faster as device info removed
- Metro style/ XBOX style developer info page added
- Speech function added on phone number dialer
- Setting for vibration and sound 
- Mobile made 10% bigger in size to reduce miss hit error

***** Tested for 256Mb RAM devices like Nokia Lumia 610 Tango Devices / ZTE on new Tango SDk Emulator *****

Nokia is TM and registered company the application is NOT developed by Nokia.
The app is Tribute to Best selling Mobile of the world.
All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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