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Hey everyone, I've made my WaterLogger app free for a limited time so that I can get some of the forum users, developers, testers, etc. to go ahead and download it free of charge so that I can get some feedback on the app. Please feel free to download it and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Click here to get to WaterLogger in the windows phone marketplace:

WaterLogger will help you to set a daily water intake goal and stick to it, remind you to drink, and let you view your recent daily intake totals.

- Easy to use (and keep using)
- Track your daily water intake
- Use ounces (oz) or liters (mL)
- Configurable daily intake goals
- 4 configurable containers for quick updates
- Customizable reminders (start time, end time, frequency)
- Graph your actual vs. goal over time
- Customizable application tiles
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