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The smart calculator for Windows Phone, and now also Windows 8! Over 25,000 downloads and an average rating of 4.5 stars (150+ reviews). Includes 5 unique calculators: Basic, Scientific, Programmer, Currency Converter, and Unit Converter.

Windows Phone
Calculator² and Calculator² Pro

Windows 8


  • live tiles for each calculator showing the history or latest exchange rates
  • over 50 scientific functions
  • 125 mathematical and physical constants
  • statistical functions for memory values
  • over 150 World currencies
  • over 200 units for conversions across 17 categories
  • searchable constants, currency, and units lists
  • customisable tax buttons
  • customisable button layout
  • Auto, Fixed point, Scientific, and Engineering display formats with choice of digit grouping
  • enable or disable operator precedence
  • copy/paste
  • support for both light and dark themes, and use of the accent colour
  • background task to automatically update the exchange rate information and Currency Converter live tile (paid version only)
  • 64, 32, 16 and 8 bit word lengths for the Programmer Calculator, including signed or unsigned integers
  • local region support for displaying numbers



Registered: 03/14/12
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Calculator² app for Windows in the Windows Store

The Windows 8 version of Calculator² is now in the Windows Store!

It's still at an early stage and only features the Basic and Scientific modes, but I'm looking to have everything included by the time Windows 8 hits general release.

I've made a few updates to the phone app to reflect the changes now already in the Windows 8 app. The update (version 1.15) is currently being certified and should be published early next week. The main changes are that I added an extra row of buttons (don't tell Apple!) to the Scientific Calculator as shown in the image above, providing a better balance between ease of access to commonly used functions and large button sizes. I've also removed the +/- buttons from each memory item. Numbers can now be added to or subtracted from (multiple) memory items using the +/- buttons in the app bar. Finally, there are a few minor visual changes, bug fixes and the odd performance improvement.

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Basic calculator is enough for me. Rotate to scientific should get you through high school but yours look like one can launch a rocket to Mercury :-D  good job!
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