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Happy Friday evening dear fellow Windows Phone users!

I have an app called “Image Map Plus” ( that allows you to see where your photos were taken on a map. But this not the only thing that my app does. Image Map Plus is the one and only EXIF editor for windows phone 7. What it means is that it allows you to view all embedded properties of every JPEG image file you have saved on your phone. This includes things like camera make and model, aperture settings and, if available, location. More than that “Image Map Plus” enables you to edit some of the EXIF fields (obviously not loosing anything on JPEG compression, since actual image data remains intact). For example you can geo-tag photos that are missing embedded location information, edit comments and copyright fields, etc. In fact, website called addictivetips called “Image Map Plus” number 3 of top 30 best windows phone apps of 2011 (

Now I’m preparing to take this app to a whole new level and I need your help. I have a new beta out that allows you to do many new things, most notably:

1.       View, edit EXIF and geotagging information of photos directly on your SkyDrive!

2.       Filter the map view by any period of time, for example want to see only photos you made on a trip last week?

3.       Optimize startup by only displaying latest pictures on the map.

4.       Optionally use pins instead of images for higher precision.

5.       Take pictures through the app and manually control what metadata gets saved.

Would you like to help me test these features? If so, please send me your live id, so that I can add you to the private beta program.

Thanks a lot.


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