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Bubblebreak is an innovative match-3 game where you have to connect funny colored smiley-bubbles to chains of three or more smileys with the same color.
If you achieve this, those bubbles pop out from the rest and fly around like ghosts.
Now you can catch those ghosts with your paddle to give them a color again and bounce them back to the playing field.

The playing field in Bubblebreak has a circular shape which enables you to shoot and bounce the smileys from any direction to the center. The colors are not random and can be selected by the user with a useful wheel on the side. This provides a lot of strategical finesse and makes Bubblebreak outstanding compared to similar games.

The smiley-bubbles are connected to magnets and once you hit a magnet with a flying smiley the magnet is destroyed and all bubbles connected to it are freed. When there is no fixed bubble on the playing field the level is solved.
With every level it becomes more difficult because the bar where you shoot the bubbles from consist of less bubbles - which means you have less bubbles to shoot and a smaller paddle - or another color a bubble can have is added.

It is a challenging game. But sometimes some power ups appear which you can collect with your paddle. This makes it easier to solve a level if you get a bomb or an extra bubble for your paddle.
But some of the power ups are not really good for you. For example an additional magnet somewhere in the playing field or an extra color the bubbles can have. While those power ups makes it harder to solve a level you receive more score if you solve it anyway.
And the better the score the better the ranking in the online high score list.

Bubblebreak has originally been developed for a two-week game design contest at and won the first price.

It has been polished a lot since then and is available for the Windows Phone 7 for 1.29 € / 1.49 $ here or the Lite version for free here.


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