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Starbucks Card is now available in the marketplace. The first FREE Windows Phone 7 app that allows you to make payments at Starbucks stores. You only need to enter the card number and security code. The cards you enter do not have to be registered online but if you want to collect Starbucks rewards you should register your card directly at Starbucks website.

Starbucks Card has the following features.

  • Enter multiple cards with custom names
  • Check card balances
  • Pay for purchases
  • Search for store locations
  • Order notepad

Give it a try for free!


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It's true that Starbucks is definitely a chain that wants to appeal to tech-savvy individuals, because it's a great ploy to get individuals to overpay for coffee. However, said egregiously-priced cappuccinos can be paid for using the best gadgets, as Starbucks mobile payments capacity is growing. Why definitely not pay a visit to quickly our own online site?
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