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The classic ZX Spectrum game Maziacs for Windows Phone!

Maziacs takes place in a huge randomly generated maze containing prisoners, swords, food, monsters and a treasure. The goal of Maziacs is to find that treasure and return it to the start.

The monsters, called 'Maziacs', will try everything to stop you from finding the treasure. A sword can only kill one monster after which you will have to find a new sword. Fighting a monster without a sword will most likely result in death.

To find the treasure you can ask the prisoners who will show you the route for a small number of moves. Once you have found the treasure they will show you the way back to the start. Prisoners can only be asked once.

You also need to collect food or you will starve to death.

Original game by dk'tronics.


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Here is a gameplay demo for Maziacs v1.1 which is currently in certification.

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