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I would like to introduce you to my new free app on Windows Phone: “Color Me” by Wimzoo

Color Me is a unique coloring app where the user can choose to color drawings by numbers,shapes, letters or dots.  It is targeted for ages 4+.

The initial release includes dozens of drawings of a variety of themes with many more to be added on a regular basis.

What makes Color Meunique, is that some drawings are animated when completed. Finding those animated drawings adds to the fun of the game. Moreover, a “mystery drawing”mode, will randomly select a drawing and hide most outlines allowing the picture to reveal itself as the user is coloring it.

Summary of features:

·        Dozens of unique drawings with bright colors.

·        Save drawing to camera roll then share with friends and family

·        Some drawings come alive once completed.Discover which ones.

·        Mystery drawings: uncover the drawing while coloring

·        Ad-supported.

Link to download app in Windows Phone marketplace:




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