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Calculator Safe is agreat app that secures photos and notes in a clever and innovative way.Anybody, with a photo storing app has had someone go into their phone, see anapp called Secured Photos (or something along those lines) and immediately openit and try to guess the password. That's where the idea for CalculatorSafe came from. It looks and operates just like a normal calculator and isnamed discretely. But, when the user types in their code and hits the"=" symbol they are brought into the secret part of the applicationwhere they can store there photos and notes. Because this is the first releaseof the app, it is not perfect. It still needs a slideshow feature and maybe theability to record videos. But, all major features you can think of areincluded: storing photos from the phone's photo library, taking photos fromwithin the app to store in your safe, deleting photos, exporting photos fromthe app to your phones photo library, creating notes, editing notes anddeleting notes. Plus, the missing slideshow feature has been promised in thenext update! Now by the time you get to the end of this article you areprobably thinking this app costs around $1.99 but nope! It's complete free! Youcan download it here: or snap a photo of this QR code with your phone. qrcodeAlso, watch the youtube video above for more information and checkout the developers blog here:

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