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I bought one of the first LG wp7 way back when.  Recently discovered the nice folks at LG will not be offering the 7.8 upgrade (no more LG products for me), so considering moving to WP8.  What is the upgrade process like?   What can I keep, what do I lose?

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You won't lose anything. You'll gain a total new phone with future proof software.

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well your going to lose a good bit of your data. but I didn't mind the process to much. i went from a Lg quantum to a L920. 

 You won't lose and contacts, calendars, email as they should all be packed up to your accounts, photos or music you can sync and backup. though Zune will not work with WP8 so photos and music will need to be drag dropped into the phone. guess you need W8 for that kinda of syncing

Your apps can be re-downloaded as long as you use the same account, by signing into the Webstore and going to history which will give you an install option that will push the apps to the phone. Any app settings will be wiped unless the app had cloud/account backup built in.

I think that should cover everything. 
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What about SMS/txt messages? Can those be backed up somehow and restored on a WP8 device?

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Unfortunately wp7 didn't have any backup options for sms/mms or really anything outside of what I mentioned above so there is no easy way to transfer them to a new device.



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