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Registered: 01/05/13
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Hi ppl,

I am Ravi from Singapore, I just registered to this site as I am planning to buy a Lumia 920, so I am roaming around the internet searching for information about Windows 8 Phone OS. I've got a couple of specific queries for which I thought this would be the right place, kindly help.  

1. Is there any media player app in the market place (similar to mx player on google play store) that plays almost any video format? If no, can we download the VLC player for Win 8 desktop OS and install it on the phone? (after bricking it)

2. Can I sync music from itunes using the windows 8 app from the mac store? I am using a macbook pro.

3. I've gone thru various forums where they say, when we connect a Windows 8 phone to a pc/mac, it shows up as a USB and we can copy/paste to/from the phone. Is that true? 

4. Can we sync contacts via gmail? Can we sync groups from gmail contacts? 

5. Lastly, I checked out one of my friends Lumia 900 few weeks back. In that, when we push the back button, there was a slight haptic feedback & I never found any settings to disable that haptic feedback. does the lumia 920 also has this? I am little worried since, this would definitely drain the battery a bit. 

Thanks in advance, 


Registered: 01/05/13
Posts: 2
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Can someone pls help to clarify my doubts? 
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As for the media player, an official port of VLC media player just got funded on kickstarter and it is coming to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

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