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Hi everyone,

I created a location-based social game named VenueTycoon, inspired from the foursquaropoly idea described here:

From the idea, I implemented it in my own game mechanics. I also don't use foursquare API, I went straight into creating my own venue/location database, and that's why it is empty.

The app is very basic, you won't find ads or tile notifications or any advanced features. This is the minimum viable product to test how it really works. And that's where I need you guys' help: to test it, fill out the venue database, and let me know if you find bugs/errors.

Here is the short description of the game:
VenueTycoon is a location-based social mobile tycoon game. In this game, you can (virtually) buy buildings, schools, restaurants, and other venues. Every venue you own will generate revenue when other players (tycoons) check in at it. It is intended not to be time consuming, instead, one of VenueTycoon's objective is to give more fun in your daily commute. VenueTycoon also includes a social element in it, like adding other tycoons and see their activity feed. 

This is the website:

This is the link in the store:

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