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As we all know, the Windows Phone app situation after 2+ years of the "modern" Windows Phone OS being on the market is still far from perfect. 

There are many glaring omissions on the Windows Phone store that prevent people from switching over to the platform, from Instagram, to the bank apps, to productivity apps, to fad games that are only popular for a week. Microsoft and Nokia have been pursuing app developers for a very long time, with Nokia having modest success. 

Microsoft has failed it's users in terms of backing up their promises over the years, and one of those promises is regarding app development. Now, a petition has been started.   It is not aimed at developers themselves.  Rather it's targeted at the company that should be trying to get as many apps as possible.  Microsoft.  We as users shouldn't have to contact app developers and pray that they will make an app, only to hear them bash the platform that we choose to support.  The recipient of the petitions is Steve Ballmer (the mail will go to secretaries, but he probably will hear about it if we overwhelm the inbox )

You may sign the petition here.

This isn't just about getting apps like instagram and temple run, but also about engaging young app developers in markets with high windows phone penetration.
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