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This is my first post, I don't know if there is a place to read and posts tips. Just learned something useful so will post it here.

Using a Nokia Lumia 710 with Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps. One fault of Nokia Drive with WP7.5 is not being able to tap a location on the map to use as a destination. A work-around...

1. Tap-n-hold the location in Nokia Maps.
2. Tap the black rectangle.
3. Tap the share icon at bottom.
4. Tap messaging.
5. Tap-n-drag to highlight the address.
6. Tap the Copy icon.
7. Open Nokia Drive.
8. Tap bottom right corner to open the navigation options.
9. Tap Set destination.
10. Tap Search.
11. Tap the Past icon to paste the address into the search box.
12. Tap Return key to search.
13. If there are no search results, be sure nothing extra was copy/pasted and that the address is printed correctly.
14. Enjoy your drive!


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14 steps are a lot of work

Registered: 11/26/12
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Yes, it would be nice if 7.8 cures this...
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Ive got the older symbian nokia 808 with drive and maps. A method i use is to go into maps, find the area you are looking for and place the black square over this area. Hold down on the square the one of the options is drive here. Select that and carry on.

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I want to buy the lettest model of nokia this is not good model i am use this .

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