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Ever you heard Lumia 920 have a not a proper sound for flagship devise? Yeah, that’s right because MP3 cannot be a right source for quality sound and there is no FLAC support yet in WP8. But, wait, why everyone forgot another lossless format – WMAlossless? Even MS, it's creator? Let’s look what we can do. I hardly found a software quick and easy converting FLAC to WMAlossless, it’s a Total Audio Converter. Of course, we can use old Windows Media Encoder, but it is not supported for a long time, converts only one file at once and loses tags. Let’s begin and see what will happen. Sorry for Russian screenshots, I have no English version of OS, but anyway guess it’s clear.


You can use context menu or internal file manager in this utility

Choose the right format in menu, output folder and press Start

Proof) (bitrate)

Desktop will say WMALossless can be not a supported file for device, but as we can see – everything is supported and playing, choose "Just copy"


Converting doesn’t  took a lot of time. (By the way – lossless is lossless so what difference in lossless format, right? If it supports out of the box – why need a FLAC)))

Sometimes device player can show an error that unsupported file, but plays it. After converting you can use any music tag editor – device supports embedded cover in WMAlossless (I using Tag&Rename)

So sorry for my Russian English and Bieber – but anyway I guess this will be a right subject for experimental dissection))))

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