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Registered: 02/04/13
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Hi all, I'm enjoying my new 920, but I'm missing one thing. I think the iPhone had a much better mp3 player. It was easy to quickly get to any random song  in 2 or 3 presses. On WP8, I can either use Nokia Music or the built-in Music and Videos app, both of which I don't like as much. I get too many options that I don't intend to use, and it feels slow to get to the song I want. Obviously, 3 seconds and 1 or 2 button presses more doesn't sound like a lot, but it gets annoying quick. So, the question:

Does anyone know of an app on the Windows Phone Marketplace that functions like the iPhone/iPod's music player? 
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Registered: 02/22/13
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It feels slow to get to the song I want. 

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