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Be ready to navigate high tech jet to save the earth and destroy as many as alien jet that you can destroy

Jet Assault is a arcade shooter game where player will control high tech alien jet with touching screen using fingger 
or using accelerometer input to fight against alien jet that trying to invade earth.

Main Feature :

  • Drive high tech jet with your finger or using accelerometer
  • Upgradeable health and projectile level
  • One against hundred of alien jets
  • Free to try with limitation
  • 8 Challenging level for seasons 1 ( Seasons 2 will coming soon with more level )

here is some video gameplay if you still want some more information about this game :

for more information you can go to my blog :

This game avaiable for windows phone platform ( 7.5, 7.8 , 8), you can get it here for 0.99$ or you can try it first with ulimited trial period but with some limitation or you can use bing vision to scan these :


Registered: 02/17/13
Posts: 2
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Changelog version 1.3
  • Add special weapons,
  • Add vibration feedback,
  • Add achievement screen,
  • Fix some bugs.

here is some video demo about version 1.3 changelog :

Changelog version 1.2
  • Gameplay improvement,
  • Background music improvement,
  • Minor improvement,
  • Fix some bugs.

Changelog version 1.1
  • Add accelerometer input,
  • UI improvement,
  • Fix several bugs.
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