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Coming up on a month now of working with MS "support" to try and resolve this issue for me.  Hoping maybe some of you might know how to solve because even after an escalation I have yet to receive a response/solution from MS.

After a factory reset on my Nokia 900 nearly a month ago I was grabbing all my apps.  I was able to download all free apps.  When it came to paid I was able to download about 1/4 of my previously paid apps.  The remaining 3/4 I receive the error code: d0000008.  Also I cannot download any new paid apps.  Currently stuck with free apps only.

I have gone through 3 different support chat sessions +1 escalated support email.  I have factory reset 5+ times since the issue started.  I cannot download from the marketplace on the phone, I cannot download from the marketplace website.  I have added additional billing options.  I have removed billing options.

Frustration level = high
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