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As many of you might have seen, I built a web app for creating custom tiles for url's of your choice. 

The home page here talks a bit about it.

And theactual web app is here at  Clearly you will want to view the web app with your phone, preferably a Windows Phone.

What is exciting is, I recently updated it to support a bunch of special characters that you can use with html entites, hex code, or decimal codes which you can find online.  I personally like this site as a resource

As well as using special characters, you can zoom and pan to position the content on the tile just as you like.  This can take a few tries but with the use of your multitasking on WP7.5+ you can easily jump back to the work you done so far and tweak it if you do not like the outcome of the tile.

Hopefully posting in this forum will make for a better way to communicate problems with the web app or suggestions of updates. 


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