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Navigation Shortcuts makes it easy to start navigating to your destination quickly.

I created this app because Nokia Drive's deep link tiles all look the same when using the small size tiles. As I was working on it I realized it would be much better to just launch navigation with voice commands. That's one of my favorite new features in WP8 and I expect a lot of apps will use this new API (it's really easy to implement).

So now you can pin tiles with your own pictures or the built in icons or just launch these destinations by saying "Navigate, Home" (assuming you have a destination with that name). 


  • Pin destination tiles with a picture or an icon
  • Launch navigation to destinations with voice commands
  • Quickly get to your destinations list and launch navigation
  • Integrates with any turn-by-turn navigation app using the Microsoft DriveTo protocol (which Nokia Drive supports, probably Navigon too but that wasn't tested)

Version 1.2 improves the search capabilities when adding destinations (using Nokia’s Here Places API)

The trial version of the app is fully featured but if you find it useful please consider purchasing it

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated



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