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GDrive WP7

GDrive WP7 is a simple Google Drive client app for Windows Phones. It lets you manage your Google Drive files with ease in your Windows Phone. With over 16000 downloads in one month it is the best google drive app for windows phones

Check it out at

*view drive files
*download or edit drive files (browser based)
*view file properties
*starred files and recent files
*sync or refresh drive files
*upload images from windows phone to drive
*backup phone contacts to google drive
*share drive files
*offline view of drive files (file properties only)
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Spread the word of this petition!

This is to get all apps on WP.  If not, you should make more google apps!  Thanks

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A Great App for Windows Mobile


Here is a great idea for our beloved Windows Market Place and WM : Please like and share through Facebook if its worth it :

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According to my knowledge, Google Drive is the cloud storage service from Google. There is a desktop application which allows you to sync files across multiple PC. Google Drive is also available for Android and iPhone, but as of now there is no official app for Windows Phone. GDrive is a free app, which is an unofficial Google Drive client for Windows Phone.

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@ above..yes it its

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I think that Gdrive is the best app you might find on google drive for windows phone 7, but there are another options available. There are also apps which can access to drive and dropbox at the same time. I have found some posts on about it.
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