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i like to show you my new app Week View 8, which can be found in the store at:


Week View 8 has many features, the built in calendar does not have.

- It shows the next 4 upcoming appointments on a wide live tile
- It shows all appointments of the current week, the week number and a graphical representation of the weekly scedule.
- It allows you to search for appointments
- Allows you to create appointments in all calendars of your windows phone
- Has a readable month view and an annual overview
- Many configuration options like custom colors for different calendar types (office, private, birthdays, ...), replacement icons, filter options and much more.

Week View 8 uses some of the new WP8 features like voice commands.
Hold the windows button on your phone and say "start week view and show the next appointments".

You windows phone will launch Week View 8 and Week View 8 will read (voice output) the next upcoming appointments to you.

Please give it a try - it has a free trial version and tell me, what you think of it!

If you like some features, please send your suggestions to me via email.

thanks, Hannes

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Where did it go ?
 The app Week View 8 suddenly disapeared in front of my eyes from the web store
All links now auto directs to ver 2.3

Maybe the app was looking a little too good...
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in the store, it' still here:

Ondrej Štindl
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Hi, this link shows me only the old version 2.3 :-(
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thanks for the posts, it's really helpful
Remember happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have Guild Wars 2 Gold; it depends what you think.
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Hey Hannes,

how can I get this screen?


I can only create the life-tile in the middle. But in my opinion the other will be also helpful.


Thanks for your answer


PS: You can also answer in German, when you want.


Greets, Carlo


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I am currently trying the trial version of your app. For some reason, my calendar is full with texts of "private appointment" with a bar with stripes. Any idea what is that? I cannot erase them, but it is very annoying.

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I am not in a position to buy but i have much need of this please any one help me to post the url where is 30 day free trail .

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